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kriss 110 problems

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 Assalamualaikum w.b.t to all members.. :)i am a newbie here,although this club called 'melaka bikers' i am not a melakarian...i am kelantanese..hehehe..first of all,i joined this club because i also owned a modenas kriss 110.i want to ask something and i hope all seniors here can give some guides and help.actually,i have left the motorcycle in the garage for a 2 and half years..and i want to bring it to life back.well,these are the list of my problems...
1)the kickstarter feels 'empty'.sometimes i can start it and now i,m totally cannot start it anymore... :'(
2)top speed only 65 kmh... :'(
3)the pickup is very2 low..i cannot climb even the small hill with this motorcycle.. :'(

 I am going to use this motorcycle for a long distance trip and with speed approximately 120 kmh.last time,i have clocked 140 kmh with it.can you list the components that are broken in my case.actually i can repair a motorcycle.but it is c70 :D.i dont have experience repairing kriss.can you give the price of 1 sets of clucth?i think the problem with my mototrcycle is clutch.i also want to use rxz coil at my it suitable? i have heard some peoples using it plug and play?or need to make some modifications?i also have considered to change the stndard block to 57mm racing block.but,there are some doubts.can i use normal head?is the piston can fit with the rod?i hope someone can help me......i appreciate that very2 much... :)

I think the problem can be solved if you write in Bahasa or at least in Kelantanese :D :D
Lagi molek kalau perkenalkan diri di laman salam perkenalan.. ;D

eh?bukan dkt seksyen teknical ni kna guna b.inggeris ke?saya tgk peraturan td...sorry klau tersilap tmpt... ;D


--- Quote from: wan6001 on April 19, 2012, 10:07:12 PM ---eh?bukan dkt seksyen teknical ni kna guna b.inggeris ke?saya tgk peraturan td...sorry klau tersilap tmpt... ;D

--- End quote ---
If that's the case...ur right...This post is in the English Section... ;)

luckily i have read the rules.. :)plese,if i am wrong,please tell me,..:D
btw,can anyone help me..?


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